Learning Institutions

Learning Institutions

We can provide psychiatric care to child and adolescent students on site.

Deliver mental health services to underserved adolescents and their families with the use of telepsychiatry. We collaborate with school-based clinics to assist primary health providers, and improve both patient and provider satisfaction.


• Strong and immediate linkages to in-school staff, as well as other local resources

• No-show rates reduced to near zero, because patient is seen on site

• Many adolescents are highly comfortable with and might even prefer video conferencing

• JSA Health Telepsychiatrists who specialize in adolescent medicine are dedicated to learning institutions


Click here to download a study demonstrating telepsychiatry benefits in learning institutions.

JSA Health Telepsychiatry Case Study:

University of Texas Medical Branch:

Teen Health School-Based Medical Clinics

Telemedicine  for School-Based Mental Health was established to meet the mental health needs of Galveston County’s adolescents and youth through a collaborative framework—involving the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB), the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJ), the Galveston Independent School District and the city’s philanthropic community—for mental health care in area primary and secondary schools. This undertaking is driven by a simple but powerful goal: to close the gaps in access to mental health services for adolescents and youth in the Galveston County community. The initiative currently operates in the Galveston, Dickinson, La Marque and Santa Fe Independent School Districts (through a collaboration with the school systems and community-based partners) to deliver services to underserved youth and adolescents.

JSA Health has provided the psychiatric services  necessary to achieve the following:

• Improve access to mental health services for adolescents, youths, and their families

• Improve education, consultation, and assistance to primary health providers involved in the care of these individuals and their families

• Improve patient satisfaction with mental health services received at school based clinics

• Improve provider satisfaction with mental health services at the school based clinic


The integration of mental health services into the public school setting itself is not novel. Mental health issues often surface during the tumultuous years while a child is enrolled in school and the school campus is considered a safer and more comfortable place to receive services (less stigma) and is an easier place to access services. The use of telepsychiatry provided by JSA Health allows for a multidisciplinary, holistic approach to delivering community-based youth and adolescent health services that will effectively coordinate the multiple health and service providers involved in treatment and delivery of clinical and social services. JSA Health Telepsychiatry intervenes to provide the very psychiatric services recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (2004)  to lower rates of juvenile incarcerations, school dropout, family dysfunction, drug abuse and unemployment.

Accomplishments from the link between JSA Health Telepsychiatry and school based health clinics include:

• Results that indicate a statistically significant reduction in symptom levels between initial visit and 3rd month visit.

• No statistical difference between African American and White, non-Hispanic parent’s  perception of care (“helped with child’s treatment goals”; “the staff treated me with dignity and respect”; “staff was respectful of my family’s religious beliefs”; “staff was sensitive to my cultural/ethnic background”; and others).

• 72% of parents/guardians “strongly agreed or agreed” that “as a result of services my child is getting along better with family members”.

• 68% of parents/guardians “strongly agreed or agreed” that “as a result of services my child is doing better in school”.

• Integration of healthcare information through EMR shared by the 9 school based clinics and JSA Health.

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